Village Glen West and our entire parent body share a common goal: To provide an outstanding education in a learning environment that supports our unique group of students with communication and socialization challenges. Technology is having a profound impact on the expansion of our teaching resources and our ability to tailor learning programs for the success of the individual student. It enables us to customize your students' education in relatable, thematic ways that drive their curriculum across their passions.
With your support, we are dedicating the income from this Annual Giving Campaign to the technology needs of your children. Please join our community to support


Our goal is simple: To reach 100% participation from our parents.

Together, and with your support we can:

• Purchase and maintain state of the art educational technology
• Provide school-wide WiFi
• Stream current events
• Enhance student engagement with increasingly interactive applications that facilitate film creation, graphic design, sound design, journalism, animation and music projects
• Bring Smart Boards/Laptops/iPads to every classroom

While we ask every family to participate, how much you give is entirely up to you.
Please donate whatever amount is personally generous for your family.

Every dollar counts. Every gift is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for joining our Annual Giving technology enhancement effort.

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